Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button :: thebeautywithout.com

It’s been a few weeks months since my last post and there are two main excuses:  1) I’ve been making progress against my goals which has taken my attention away from writing (more on that in the next post) and 2) I’ve had to step back and evaluate my writing goals and take a hard […]

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Generation to Generation: Personal Advocacy in Healthcare

 Dear Delightful Daughters, There is no delicate way to say this: you almost never were.   You are only here because your father and I pushed back against the medical advice of several doctors and advocated for you. I didn’t come by this naturally.  Until the series of events that led to your conception and birth, I had the […]

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Generation to Generation: Be Curious

Generation to Generation: Be Curious - Why You Should Never Stop Asking "Why" or "Why Not" -- thebeautywithout.com

Dear Delightful Daughters, At the ripe age of two-and-a-half, you are just beginning to explore the wonderful world of “Why.”  While I expect, at times, to become frustrated by your incessant questioning of everything you see and hear, I do truly hope that you will stay curious forever. Curiosity will take you far, much further than […]

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