10628281_10101490883170243_6197789184149569765_nI am in the midst of a transition toward a non-conventional life.  The catalyst for this change was the day that I woke up and realized I had lost my sense of self.  I am a wife, a mother, and a corporate professional but I am more than that.  In January of 2016 things started to unfold – I started reading books and blogs about how to find my passion and those resources took me down a rabbit hole of new ideas for my life.  I ended up learning so much more than I could have imagined.  I  am discovering what drives me, what I want to live for and how I want to lead a remarkable life.  The further I get, the more I want to share my experiences and spread the inspiration.

I’ve developed new goals for my life and making steady progress in the right direction:

Intentional Living:  Thinking critically about the decisions that we make is paramount to clearing the clutter.  I want to step back from my life and remove the assumptions about what I “should” do.  I don’t become a victim of materialism and consumerism.  Instead, I want to focus on what I need and what I want to do instead.

Financial Independence:  This is something I never thought would be possible until my 50s or 60s, but with a little bit of research I’ve found I can be financially independent in as little as 10 years.  As a result of living with intention and simplifying my life, I will free up money to invest and save.  With some thoughtful changes to my lifestyle I hope to put myself on a path to early retirement.

Experiences:  Spend less, experience more.  I don’t get to take my possessions with me when I die so I’m making a conscious effort to stop amassing things for the purpose of inflating my ego and start experiencing everything the world has to offer.  I have dreams of travelling the world, taking singing lessons, working for a nonprofit, starting my own business.  I plan to stop making excuses and take action, starting with my 30 Before 30 Challenge.

Wellness: Mental, emotional and physical health must be maintained if I expect to be happy.  I will never be 100% healthy 100% of the time but personal health improvement will always be part of my life plan.  This will start with focusing on a healthier diet and increasing physical fitness.

Personal Growth: Even when I reach a point where I think I know who I am and what I want to do with my life, there will always be a way to push myself further.  This blog is the prefect outlet for self reflection and will keep me accountable for my growth.

Making an Impact:  I have discovered a passion for giving back both in time and in money.  I work for an amazingly charitable company that provides a 1:1 matching benefit for the time and money that I donate to the causes I care about.  I have made it a goal to be more involved in spreading the word about this benefit and taking full advantage of it for myself.  I also have an interest in helping people discover the causes that speak to them so that they too can contribute to building a better world.

I am married to a wonderful man who is incredibly supportive of my journey.   Now that we’re in this together I feel the full power of our partnership and the full strength of our love for each other and the life we’re building.  We have two lovely twin daughters who we completely adore and who motivate us to be great examples of how to get the most out of life.